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Sunday, May 20, 2012


As the saying goes: “if it weren’t for bad luck we’d have no luck at all”.  I have to say the last month (give or take) has proven that saying somewhat true. 

When I left the last installment of Getting Started there was a hint that a big announcement was forthcoming; to quote again “we plan the gods laugh.”  At that time we had what looked to be a rock-solid contract (cash) on our house.  I envisioned my next post to be a picture of me with a sold sign in our front yard.  I had contacted our boat broker and told him to start the hunt.  We began culling-down possessions and eating our way through the deep freezer.  Then we got a call from our relator telling us that the buyer in NJ was counting on inheritance from his recently departed father which had not happened yet so he would have to go to the bank for part of the sale price.  Ok no problem, he and his girlfriend (in Lubbock) still wanted the house and he could come up with around 60% down and finance the rest using his condo in NJ; ok no problem. We continued forward.  We packed the house, arranged for an estate sale company to sell that we weren’t taking with us (which was most of it) down to the walls, and signed a lease on an apartment.  Then, not 24hrs later my realtor called telling me the NJ buyer didn’t get the loan because there were outstanding claims on the fathers company and from what she could tell the collateral (his condo) was in the company’s name.  So, we unpacked the house, broke the lease, canceled the estate sale, and put the boat broker on hold.  Again it felt as if we had pitch-poled.  So now we are back to square one and trying to gain momentum in the real estate market. So I guess this is part of Getting Started, even though it feels like Getting Stalled. 

Next time I will continue with the tale of how we got started down this watery path but for now, if you know someone looking for a great house in Lubbock Texas, give me a call!  Until then-

Fair Winds and Following Seas


  1. Damn. But, still, you're on your way, right? Sounds like GOOD luck is hanging in the balance - here's hoping it comes at you pretty quick.

  2. Hi Jane-

    Thanks! No plan is still in place it just isn't going to be as simple or as quick as we had hoped, which is good training for waiting out weather in a port, or for parts. The end goal is May 2013 so if we are in this position in 12 months I might be a bit more frantic.

  3. Fred, When I read the first line or two, I thought one of you discovered some dread disease or condition that would prevent the adventure. I was relieved to read that it was only the house problem. I know it's a big deal . . .but not the biggest problem you'll face. A new buyer will come along soon. People flock to see Dickens house in London, Teddy Roosevelt's cabin in North Dakota, and Jefferson''s Montecello . . .Designer Fred's Place in Lubbock will be the next attraction as soon as someone with a little vision (perhaps very poor vision) will see the possibilities! - Don

  4. HI Don-

    As of now it is just the house sale but in a discussion late, late last night regarding family situations may delay pulling the trigger a year or two. Right now we will keep on the current rhumb line and see what happens. By the end of September/October I feel I need to let the job know if I am coming back or not so they can search for a replacement. Looking for signs but right now nothing definitive except Jo is worried that I have begun looking at monohulls and that could be a firing offense!